Korean Style pre-wedding photoshoot vol.01

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Korean Style pre-wedding photoshoot

Korean photo weddings are the Korean style of photo weddings where you can take dramatic photos in a house studio or on location, modify and edit the photos, and create a gorgeous photo book to ” remember your dramatic memories”.
Here is a detailed introduction to popular Korean photo studios that have branches in Japan and Korean style photo wedding studios in Japan.

Korean Style pre-wedding photoshoot

The trend in the wedding industry over the past few years has been “Korean-style photo weddings”.
Korean-style photo weddings are a Korean-style photo wedding in which dramatic photos are taken in a house studio or on location, the photos are modified and edited, and a gorgeous photo book is created to make a dramatic memory of your wedding.
The reason for its popularity is that the studio set is a dramatic set like a scene from a movie, and the photographer shoots with a high level of skill and attention to detail in terms of facial expressions, gestures, dress, and accessories, and a professional retoucher makes corrections and edits to create an even more beautiful photographic image.

Korean Style pre-wedding photoshoot
Korean Style pre-wedding photoshoot

In Korea, there is a culture of using photo studios to create a “growth album” in which an album is created by photographing four times from maternity to the age of one year after a baby is born, and the quality of photography and editing is high because there are many photo studios competing fiercely against each other.

In this month’s article, I’d like to introduce you to Korean photo weddings, which are attracting attention from all over the world.

Typical Photo Wedding Photography Rates in Japan

In Japan, it is possible to keep the budget under 100,000 yen, but the total budget for those who are particular about photography or want to have a Korean-style photo wedding is usually around 250,000 yen to 350,000 yen.

The cheapest price for a Korean photo studio is ¥100,000, and a full day of shooting will cost ¥200,000 or more. Some studios change the price if you choose a studio or location shooting, or if you add a dress style or the number of photos to be corrected, so it’s a good idea to check the price before you go.

In Japan, it is said that the average cost for a typical photo wedding is under 50,000 yen, and the average cost is about 130,000 yen. The number of costumes, number of hair and makeup, studio, location pattern, number of photos taken, accessories, family members present, delivery method, day of the week, etc. Some photo studios show cheaper prices on their website, but if you add it up, it can be more expensive. The lower priced studios also have fixed hours, so they may not accept requests for extra time on the day of the shoot, or requests to shoot in your desired pose.

Korean style photo studios in Japan are 200,000-300,000. Most of them include costumes, hair and makeup, photography, retouching, album, and image data.

A popular Korean photo studio that has a branch office in Japan

There are many photo studios in Korea, and the number of rental studios is increasing.
The number of stylish rental studios is also increasing.
It is said that there are about 1,000 photo studios and rental photo studios in Seoul alone.

In Korea, there are many wedding photo studios that offer professional retouching services such as retouching for beautiful skin and shape correction after the photo shoot.
In Japan, casual pre-shot studios specializing in casual pre-shot photos do not like to do extensive retouching and shoot with a natural look, and editing is less likely to be done with basic brightness and color adjustments to alter the shape of the photo.
In Korea, our photographers, hair and makeup artists and retouchers dramatically create a “beautiful couple in memory” that will remain as beautiful as ever.

First of all, here’s a list of popular Korean photo studios that you can apply for in Japan.

Studio Wonkyu+


When it comes to dramatic wedding photography with a story to tell, Studio Wonkyu+ is said to be the original studio.
This photo studio is so popular that brides and grooms from all over Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and even Japan book their photo sessions.
You can shoot in five different studios with different atmospheres.
For a wedding studio, we have about 30 designers who specialize in Photoshop.
In the past, Lee Byung Hun, EXO, f(x), SISTAR, 2AM, Super Junior, Kim Hee Sun, CN BLUE and many other celebrities have been photographed at Studio Wonkyu.


A popular photo studio in Korea that was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Korea. Hanbok rental service is also available.


Ajarena Wedding


A wide variety of imported dresses, such as the Spanish brand PRONOVIAS, with its beautiful delicate lace embroidery, are available.
This photo studio offers a wide range of dresses from classical to unique designs to fulfill the dreams of brides who are particular about beauty.
The photographer is popular photographer Kim Jun-hyun.


How to apply for a photo studio in Korea

The Korean photo studios introduced in this article have branches or contact points in Japan.
The Korea Photo Wedding Information Center, run by Zii Korea, President Tashiro, is the main contact point for many of these studios.
There are other agencies in Japan that specialize in Korean tours and Korean bridal services, so it is safe to apply through them.


If you can speak Korean, you can apply directly from the studio’s website.
In that case, the photographer, hairdresser and make-up artist may not be able to communicate in Japanese, so if you are not comfortable with communication, you will need to arrange for an interpreter.

If you search for studios and photographers on Instagram using #koreapreweddingphotography or #koreawedding, you will find studios and photographers who have not yet been introduced in Japan, so you may want to contact them directly.

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