Cafe in Seoul where you can enjoy vegan sweets

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vegan food

Vegetarian and vegan cafes are becoming more and more common in Japan and the West.
In recent years, the number of vegetarian and vegan cafes in Korea has been increasing rapidly as people who are interested in diet and health start to focus on vegetarian food.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few places in Seoul where you can enjoy healthy and delicious vegan sweets, even if you’re not a vegan.

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Veganism in Korea

But in recent years, vegetarianism and veganism has been growing rapidly in South Korea, as diet and health-conscious people have turned to vegetarian diets.
According to the Korean Coalition for Vegetarianism, the number of vegetarians in Korea in 2019 will be about 1.5 million, up about 10 times from 150,000 in 2008, and the number of restaurants specializing in vegetarianism is reportedly on the rise.
The number of restaurants specializing in vegetarianism is also on the rise, as is the number of “intermittent veganism,” where people try to be vegetarian two or three times a week.
They are also known as “flexitarian”, which means they are flexible vegetarians.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few places in Seoul where you can enjoy healthy and delicious vegan sweets, even if you’re not a vegan.

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What is a vegan?

Vegans do not eat eggs, dairy or honey, in addition to the meat and fish-free diet of most vegetarians.
Vegans do not eat any animal products, including eggs and dairy products, and are also known as vegetarians.


Cafe in Seoul where you can enjoy vegan sweets

Smoothies, cupcakes, baked goods and fruit tarts are all popular in Korean vegan cafes.
Dairy-free vegan breads are also on the rise.

Around Green (Around Green)

Around Green, located in Telephoto (Manwon), is a restaurant that serves vegan food and vegan desserts without any animal ingredients.
The restaurant’s recommended vegan cakes are made by Kim Hye-sung, who studied cake design and confectionery in Canada and Korea.

Vegan cooking classes are also available.

Store information

Around Greenhtt
tts:// Special City Mapo-
ku Poun Road 5g47TEL: 0
2-6080-9797 Opening Hou
rs: 12:00-21:00 Holida
ys: Sunday

Yummy Yomi

Yummy yomil is a vegan food restaurant that does not use eggs, milk, butter, GMO, white sugar, preservatives, white flour, or chemical additives.
Located in Hapcheon, Yummy yomil’s popular menu item is the veggie burger. You can take out vegan bread and baked vegan sweets. Eat-in is also available.

Store information

Yummy yomilhttx
tx:// Special City
Mapo-ku, Zhao Yi 6-5 Tel:
02-325-0082 Opening Hou
rs: 7:00-22:00 Holidays
: 7:00-22:00

Plant (album)

Popular with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, PLANT is located in Itaewon and offers dishes and desserts that don’t use eggs, milk or butter.
The fruit-based desserts are popular, but they don’t have a menu just for fruit eaters.
The colorful, visually appealing desserts are not just for vegans, either.
The café is popular with westerners, and with its English-speaking staff, it’s easy to forget that you’re in Korea.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Store information

wts:// Special City Lon
gshan-ku Fuko road 117 2nd floor (서울특별시 용산구 보광로 117 2층) Access: Seou
l Subway Line 6 “Itaewon Station” Exit 4, About 5 minutes on
foot Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00-22:00


SLUNCH, a combination of SLOW and LUNCH, is a restaurant and cafe that makes it easy to eat healthy meals.
They are not a vegetarian restaurant, as some of their menu items are made from meat and seafood, but their menu includes step-by-step vegetarian instructions so that you can choose the appropriate menu item for you.
You can tell them you’re vegetarian or vegan when you order and they’ll accommodate you properly.

They use only fresh ingredients from the market every morning, no chemical seasonings, and serve healthy food with low salt, low calorie and low fat flavours with a low pungent flavour profile.
The menu includes salads and soups, curries, pasta, risotto, pizza and a few desserts. Some of the menu is meat-based, but most of it is vegetable-based, so it’s a great place to eat with friends who can’t or won’t eat meat.
The food menu is extensive, including pasta and pizza, but the sweet menu isn’t that extensive.

Store information

h:// Seoul Special City Mapo-ku, Ushisa
n Road 3 Kill 38 (서울특별시 마포구 와우산로3길 38) Access: Seoul Metro Line 6 , “Sans
Station” Exit 3, About 10 minutes on foot Opening Hours:
11:00 a.m. – Next 1:00 a.m.


Apbbang is a vegan cafe offering drinks, smoothies, baked goods and other dessert items.
Many of the products are organic, whole grain, gluten-free, and several raw foods are available.
Their almond milk lattes and fruit-based tarts are popular.

Store information

Cafe Myaku-A

Cafe Myaku-A is popular for its caffeine-free barley tofu tiramisu and other dishes, and also offers vegan cooking classes.

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Store information

A restaurant where Korean cuisine can be enjoyed in vegan style

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a Korean restaurant where you can guide your vegan friends.
Vegetarians and vegans will be familiar with Osegye Hyang in Insa-dong.


Located in Insa-dong, the veggie restaurant Osegye Hyang specializes in veggie meat dishes made from beans processed like meat.
The restaurant is popular among vegans and vegetarians because it serves vegan-friendly Korean food.
This is a place where you can enjoy Korean food such as veggie meat yukkejang set meal and other Korean dishes made by replacing Korean meat with soybean meat.

HappyVeganLife introduces Osegye Hyang on YouTube.

Store information

ku Kanson-dong 59 Insa-dong 12
-kill 14-5TEL:02-735-7
17111:30-15:30 16:30-21:00 A day-to-d
ay TripAdvisor review

Vegans need to remember the Korean language

Most restaurants in Korea do not provide vegetarian-friendly manuals. Therefore, it is important to identify yourself as a vegetarian and make sure you know what ingredients are used before you order.

When to check for animal products

“동물성식품이 들어 있나요??” -Thommursonship Mituloinayo?-

When you tell them you want them to skip the meat and fish.

“고기랑 생선은 빼주세요” -Kogiransensonunpejuseyo

What to expect when ordering major Korean dishes

Most restaurants in Korea don’t provide vegetarian-friendly manuals, but some Korean dishes, such as miso and vegetable dishes, can be adapted for vegetarians.

  • Bibimbat: ask them not to use meat or eggs as the basic ingredients are meat, eggs, hot pepper paste, sesame oil and various vegetables.
  • Chiges: You should ask them not to use meat or sardine broth, as it is usually based on a broth made from meat or sardines.
  • Kimpapu: Ham is usually used with various vegetables. Note that other ingredients such as egg rolls, tuna and crabmeat may also be used.
  • Congee:There are many types of congee: vegetable congee, pumpkin congee, pine nut congee, mung bean congee, red bean congee, meat congee, etc., so be sure to tell them in advance what to avoid.

Korean Celebrity Vegetarians

Im Soo-jung (Vegan)

A “vegan,” that is, people who do not eat any dairy or animal products.
One of the leading vegans in the Korean entertainment industry is Im Soo Jung.
Im Soo-jung had an allergic reaction to animal protein in 2015 and since then, this has been a traumatic experience for her and she has declared herself completely vegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hyori & Lee Sang-sun (Pesco Vegetarian)

Lee Hyo-ri is not a “vegan” but a “pesco vegetarian” who consumes protein from seafood and dairy products. Lee Hyo-ri declared himself a vegetarian in order to reduce meat consumption with the aim of respecting the right to life of animals.

Lee Hani (Pesco Vegetarian)

Actress Lee Hani is also a “pesco vegetarian”. Lee Hani used to stop consuming meat because she was distressed that her brother, who has a congenitally low ability to break down proteins, was having a hard time eating meat.

Kim Hyo-jin & Yu Ji-tae (Lacto Obo Vegetarian)

Actress Kim Hyo Jin, an environmentalist and animal rights activist who practices a vegetarian diet, is a “lacto-ovo vegetarian” with her husband, actor Yoo Ji Tae, who consumes milk and eggs but not fish. She says she feels lighter, less likely to gain weight and feels clearer in her head as she practices a vegetarian diet.

More and more people are becoming vegetarians.

Actress Bae Jung-ok, talent Kim Jae-dong, actor Song Il-guk, actress Yoon Jin-so etc.









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