Choreographer Kiel Tutin, who has choreographed for many KPOP idols

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Kiel Tutin

Choreographer Kiel Tutin, who has choreographed for many KPOP idols

Have you heard of the choreographer Kiel Tutin?

ITZY’s new song “Not shy”, NiziU “Make you happy”, TWICE “MORE & MORE”, “Fanfare”, “Fancy”, “Feel special”, BLACK PINK “How You Like That”, “Kill This Love”, “DDU-DU Much of the choreography for hot female Kpop idols like DDU-DU, Jenny “SOLO”, SOMI “What You Waiting For” and many other hot female Kpop idols are, to my surprise, all choreographed by Keel Tooten.

ITZY “Not Shey” Performance Video

Kiel Tutin has choreographed for male idol groups such as EXO “Spotlight”, PSY “Daddy”, BIGBANG “BANG BANG”, iKON, MONSTA X, Kris Wu, and many more.

It’s like the world is danced by Keeltuten.

Kiel Tutin

Keel Tooten is a British-born, New Zealand-raised choreographer.
He is a graduate of the prestigious Palace Dance Studio and has won many world dance championships.

In addition to K-pop, he has choreographed for Jennifer Lopez, Jorin Tsai from Taiwan, J. Balvin from Colombia, Roy Wang from China and Stan Walker from New Zealand. He is based in New Zealand and has performed all over the world.

He is also the founder of NZX, a collaborative team of New Zealand’s top dancers.









韓国の音楽番組「M COUNTDOWN(エムカウントダウン)」がスマホで、 マルチアングルで見れる事になりました!

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