Mosquito Rap and how to make an insect repellent aroma spray

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Rap about mosquitoes and how to make an insect repellent aroma spray

Mosquito Rap and how to make an insect repellent aroma spray

Mosquitoes buzzing around your ears on a hot and humid night is very disgusting.
Mosquitoes in Korea are bigger and louder than mosquitoes in Japan.
If you don’t have allergies, I recommend you to buy insect repellent or insect bite cream at the local pharmacy if you travel to Korea or other Asian countries.
I think it works better than Japanese insect bite creams.

In this article, I will introduce “Mosquito Rap” and “How to make an insect repellent aroma spray”.

Mosquito Rap

유자 mosquito rap about his feelings towards mosquitoes (모기 Mogi) in Show Me The Money 8.

The lyrics “I hate mosquitoes, I hate you buzzing in my ear and kissing me on the cheek” were performed.
They were praised for making a song that even children can listen to and want to listen to until the end, and passed with ALL PASS on SHOW ME THE MONEY!


Aroma oil for insect repellent

Insecticides and vapes are good, but you can also use natural aromatic oils to protect against mosquitoes.
Make an insect repellent spray with aromatic essential oils such as citronella, geranium, lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus and spray it before bed, make a cream and apply it, or put it in an aroma diffuser to repel mosquitoes.

How to Make Aroma Insect Repellent Spray

Put 5ml of Jojoba oil or other carrier oil in a beaker or other container and add a total of 10 drops of essential oil. Then transfer the mixture to a spray-proof bottle and add 45ml of purified water or water.
Now you’re done!

Recommended Essential Oils


This oil is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts as a mosquito repellent.
Citronella is very refreshing to use because it has a moderate lingering scent, while the unique citrus scent seems to disappear quickly.








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