Korean HIPHOP Mix 2020 August Edition

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Korean HIPHOP Mix 2020 August Edition


Korean HIPHOP Mix 2020 August Edition

The August 2020 version of the K-HIPHOP MIX has arrived from DJ NORTH-KZ, who publishes a monthly K-HIPHOP mix on MixCLOUD, focusing on new releases from the previous month.

Check out one song at a time from the set list.
Read on while you enjoy the club atmosphere.

24/7 (feat. Blase & Boi B) / RAUDUD

RAUDE :: 24/7 (feat. Blase, Boi B) (Audio)

Speaking of 24/7, Mr. OZ, a rapper from the hip-hop unit PHOBIA OF THUG, once did a late night TV show called 24-7 in Nagoya. The theme song “24-7” is here.

Mr.OZ 24-7

Outta My Way / DJ Juice & Sikboy

DJ Juice, the leading DJ and producer of BRANDNEW MUSIC, and talented rapper Sikboy have teamed up for Outta My Way.
Outta My Way’s West Coast HipHOP-inspired beats and Sikboy’s fast raps are a welcome addition to the KHIPHOP classic.

Brandnew Music, to which the idol group AB6IX belongs, also released Beautiful Scar by Lee Eun Sang Feat. 박우진 of AB6IX featuring AB6IX’s 박우진 at the end of August.

DJ Juice, 식보이 (Sikboy) ‘Outta My Way’ LIVE CLIP

If you like the vibe of Outta My Way’s beats, you might also like pH-1 – TELÉFONO, released by H1GHR MUSIC.

FONO Remix (Lyric Video) – pH-1, HAON, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park, Sik-K, TRADE L, Big Naghty

The H1GHR MUSIC crew won’t give you their phone number, but there’s a rapper in Japan who will publish his phone number on YouTube.

Pizza Love – “Aimayuta”

King (feat. Blade) / Roots

ROOTS – KING (Feat. Blase

DJ and producer ROOTS has released his first mini-album to coincide with the release of the music video for the title track “KING (Feat. Blase)”.
The mini-album also features Chillin Homie, who has tattoo on her face, who also appeared on Show Me The Money 777 and 8.

When it comes to face tattoos, Post Malone comes to mind, but like Chillin Homie, check out Japanese rapper TaiGA, who also has tattoos under his eyes.
TAiGA is a Japanese rapper based in Hashimoto, Wakayama.

next stage/TAiGA

The songs from the mini alb
um are here KING (Feat. Blade)
KRAZY (Feat. Dive, Ponyromo)
BACK OFF (Feat. Killin Hom
ie Hill (언덕) Mckdaddy, Ponyromo)
TURN ON (Feat. KOR KASH, Blase)
DRESSING (Feat. Dive

Bambooclub freestyle / Leellamarz & Panda Gomm

릴러말즈 (Leellamarz), 판다곰 (Panda Gomm) – Bambooclub lifestyle

Leellamarz and Panda Gomm have released their second collaborative album, BAMBOOCLUB[B], following the release of BAMBOOCLUB[A].
Like their previous album, the album features guest appearances by various artists such as Sik-K, Kid Milli, VINXEN, ZENE THE ZILLA, GOLDBUUUDA and many more.
GOLDBUUUDA is Jito Mo, who changed his name a few months ago.

Bamboo reminds me of BAMBU, a rapper from Phipin.
He is still respected as a legend in Philippine HipHop circles.
INSIDE OUT by KLASSY, a female rapper from the Philippines who is also a member of Beatrock Music, is one of my favorite songs because of its 90’s alternative hip-hop feel.


Chik Chik Pok Pok Freestyle (feat. Jvcki Wai, Simo) / Woo

Chik Chik Pok Pok Freestyle (feat. Jvcki Wai, Simo) / Woo with a cute child’s singing voice called choo-choo.

내가 들으려고 올림우원재 ( Woo) – 칙칙폭폭 Freestyle (Feat. Jvcki Wai & SIMO of Y2K92

There’s a theory that “the theme song of Thomas the Train goes well with any kind of rap music”, so much so that the theme song of Thomas the Train and rap are a perfect match.
There’s one more locomotive rap song that railroad fanatics will love.

Undeniable Evidence That Thomas the Tank Engine Works with Literally Every Rap Song

Harajuku (feat. Jinmenusagi) / Futuristic Swaver

Harajuku” a.k.a Harajuku, featuring Japanese rapper Jinmenusagi.
Jinmenusagi’s part is in Japanese.

Futuristic Swaver – Harajuku (Feat. Jinmenusagi

I think the lyrics “Harajuku de iyahoi” were sampled from a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song.
Since there was no outdoor festival shooting this year, I’ll post Avicii – Wake Me Up, which brings back memories of that summer.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Harajuku iyahoi” was said to look exactly like Avicii – Wake Me Up.
Of course, Avicii – Wake Me Up was earlier than “Harajuku iyahoi”.

Avicii – Wake Me Up

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – HARAJUKU IYAHOI

Up Next (feat. Skyminhyuk & Astral Swaggy / Futuristic Swaver

Next, Futuristic Swaver’s Up Next

Futuristic Swaver – Up Next (Feat. Skyminhyuk, Astral Swaggy

Futuristic Swaver is a Korean producer/rapper who is from Busan, but is a fan of Ai Otsuka, Kyarypamyupamyu, Yentown, KOHH, and JP the Wavy.
He often collaborates with Japanese rappers.

If you’re interested in Futuristic Swaver, be sure to check out Futuristic Swaver Feat. SKOLOR & YUNG YU’s 5G, which has the lyric “Ore 4G koete 5G” stuck in your head.
I think that the 4G of Futuristic Swaver was introduced before, but this time it is 5G.

Futuristic Swaver – 5G (Feat. SKOLOR & JUNG YU

Dance (feat. Meloh) / SLEEPY

In July 2020, Sleepy appeared on the TV show “Voice Trot” to pay off tens of millions of dollars in debt.

[슬리피] SLEEPY – DANCE (Feat. Meloh

In July 2020, Sleepy appeared on “Voice Trot” to pay off billions of dollars (tens of millions of yen) in debt.

What is a voice trot?

‘Voice Trot’ is a 20 billion won (about 2 billion yen) blockbuster project that involves 80 stars in a trot survival project. It is the first time in the history of Korean broadcasting that 80 stars will be working together. Singer Nam Jin, Hye Woo Hee, Kim Young Ja, Jin Sung, and Park Hyun Bin will participate in “Voice Trot” as judges, and Kim Young Man will be the MC for “Voice Trot.

[There is a spoiler! ]리틀싸이 황민우 vs 순돌이 이건주 대결의 승자는?

Twerking (Remix)[feat. Queen WA$ABII] / Twlv

Twerking is a sexy dance in which dancers roll their knees, lower their hips, and shake their hips in time to the music.
It’s a dance often performed by dancers in Cardi B’s music videos.

The title of Twerking by Twlv features Queen WA$ABII, a rapper who got into too much of a scandal during her appearance on Mnet’s “GOOD Girl”.

트웰브 (twlv) – Twerking Remix Feat. Queen Wa

Warner Music Japan uploads videos of Cardi B with Japanese subtitles on YouTube every time, which are not good for subtitling, so I’m worried.
Most of the lyrics are hidden by ■■■■ but boys and girls should not watch it because it’s self-regulation.
But Cardi B was No. 1 until BTS became No. 1 on the Billboard, so I don’t know what to do.

Cardi B. “WAP Feat. Megan the Stallion” video with Japanese subtitles

When Warner Music Japan released the video of Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It with Japanese subtitles, it quickly became a video that parents all over Japan knew they shouldn’t show to their children due to the crude translation and exaggerated text effects that seemed to represent Cardi B’s worldview.

Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – I Like It

But for what it’s worth, I love this subtitled version.

Stay the Night (feat. DeVita) / GRAY

Stay the Night (feat. DeVita) / GRAY from HIPHOP label AOMG
After watching Cardi B, it seemed to purify my heart even more.
I’m glad we could finish the last song with a wonderful song.

GRAY – STAY THE NIGHT (Feat.DeVita) (취향저격 그녀 x GRAY)

I also introduced Avicii, so I’m also introducing Zedd – Stay The Night from my summer memories of that time.
Well, it was fun to be in that moment!

I remember when I was filming at the fes, it was raining heavily when they played “Stay The Night” and I and my equipment were soaked to the bone and I was desperate to shoot.

Now that I see it, everything is a happy memories.

Zedd – Stay the Night ft. Hayley Williams







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