K-POP, K-HIPHOP, and K-Culture webmagazine LVKM


K-POP, K-HIPHOP, and K-Culture webmagazine LVKM

LVKM (Lovin’K Magazine) is a webmagazine of K-POP, K-HIPHOP, and K-Culture(Korean culture).
A writer who loves K-pop and Korea writes an article under the theme of”connecting the world with Korean culture.”

LVKM was named from Lovin’ K Magazine.
Lovin’ K Project is a new project proposed by NESTAL, which organizes K-pop events all over Japan, with the theme of “Connecting the World with Korean Culture”.
LVKM is a web magazine launched in June 2020 as the first phase of the Lovin’ K Project.

LVKM introduces K-POP and Korean topics as if the writers who love K-POP and Korea are usually talking to their friends.
With the unique perspective of a “OTAKU”, LVKM delivers information on K-POP idols, Korean fashion, Korean cosmetics, K-beauty treatments, Korean cuisine, hot shops, recommended events, as well as interviews and interviews with writers to make K-POP and Korea even more fun to read.
We’ll also publish some maniac articles that you won’t find on the major information sites!

Lovin’ K Project
Lovin’ K connects fans of Korean culture around the world in a big circle.
Love transcends borders.
We support the Lovin’ K in you.